Our Story

Nashaat Salman is  a film and multimedia music composer, instrumentalist and orchestrator. Salman's career spans over two decades and he has composed music for a few programs for Radio, Television and other multimedia projects. His Universal Melodies project was launched in 2015 with the release of the first (Universal Melodies Vol.1) EP album. 

Music doesn’t have to be your primary job in order to be your life’s passion. Nashaat Salman works through his days as an engineer and business manager in Zurich, Switzerland.  When he’s not pursuing his professional endeavors is when his musical side emerges and he puts his skills as a composer, arranger, and performer to their full use. His music is unhampered by his professional career; it’s fueled by it instead.  The time spent at work keeps the fires of passion burning brightly, always bringing Salman back to composing with a renewed vigor, and intense spirit.
Nashaat Salman’s music is also fueled by a drive to make music that can be heard, felt, and appreciated across continents and cultures

In accordance with his views, Nashaat doesn’t classify his songs by genre or himself by a specific musical identity. His music blends elements of Eastern and Western influence with electronica and orchestral themes, depending on what suits the song.  There’s no escaping the label of world music, but Nashaat distinguishes himself within the genre by staying true to his vision of blending cultures and making his music as cross-cultural as possible.
Although his musical career has spanned the course of two decades, resulting in numerous compositions for radio, television, and other projects, 2015 is a very important year for Nashaat.  In July of 2015 he launched his first EP in what will be a long-running, multi-volume project entitled, Universal Melodies.  As the name implies, this project will be a culmination of his musical work and world vision, bringing an experience to listeners that transcends genres and cultures. 
One world, one cultural blend, and one main goal of bringing happiness to everyone.  This is the vision behind Nashaat Salman’s compositions.  Whether he’s writing the score to a film scene or constructing an instrumental passage for his Universal Melodies project, Nashaat is thinking about a global community and making something that can reach and affect everyone.  If the only thing that divides humanity are the walls and boundaries that we create and define for ourselves, then we also have the ability to tear down and redefine them as well.